Our mission

Over the next few years, we want to create a new method of experiencing Art and Culture, adapted to the needs and wants of today's young generation. Through a computer game and an epic adventure, we invite players to the world of values and self development.

Through Adventure to Knowledge

The TediBerry Little Metaverse project is scientific in nature. We are trying to create a new teaching method through emotional involvement in art and education. We believe that this method addresses new educational challenges introduced by unparalleled focus on visual media and image based learning exhibited by Generations Z and Alpha. The entire project is designed as a fusion of technology and science, with an inspiring narrative and enticing visuals. A scenic world of wonder inviting everybody to uncover its mysteries. To that end, TediBerry Little Metaverse, will leverage the academic knowledge and passion of its founders.

TediBerry's core team members combine decades of experience in the gaming, art, education and business industries. They actively participate in leading conferences, spreading knowledge about storytelling in the Metaverse and the development of Creativity in digital spaces. It is our utmost prerogative to meaningfully combine positive social impact with business.



A beautiful narrative in a fantasy land with mystical and magical stories to discover. Engaging adventures that will inspire you to explore art, philosophy and culture in a novel and exciting way.



Players will be able to take part in meetups, artistic events, multiplayer adventures and social activities. With an inbuilt system, promoting and creating the opportunities for positive cooperation between the inhabitants of Fantasy City. We want our players to create unforgettable memories.



The game's meta system is organized around the C.A.K.E.: Culture, Art, Knowledge, Entertainment. The consequences of player's choices will constantly be derived from extended understanding of above-mentioned elements. Thus, the player, while choosing one of many paths of character development, will be able to gain intuitional understanding of roads to success exceeding the world of the game. We strive to allow the players to tell their story just the way they want, not only on the screen but in real life as well.



Players learn through gameplay experience and gain knowledge through narrative driven inspiration. Every stage of the game and every interaction is attempting to mirror the reality of human existence and improve players grasp on reality rather than separate them from it. Threw broaden horizons and practical information they can develop themselves in the game but also in real life. This is how we connect the real world with the Metaverse.



Thanks to Fantasy City meta structure, Artists will be able to use the Creative Economy to create new IP or digitize their existing ones. Consequently, promoting and monetizing their craft on new markets. We intend to create a medium for Artists, a platform of exchanging ideas and inspirations. One that will immerse the craft of talented people and intertwine it within the game's narrative, allowing players to experience art like never before.



The game adapts and incorporates the cultural media into its core. Its graphical design refers to cultures and aesthetics from around the world. We intend to craft a holistic and egalitarian stage for the sum of man made beauty, that would appeal to the global user.


Be part of amazing

We invite Artists, Educational Institutions, Investors and Business Partners in the field of Art, Culture and Technology to cooperate with us.

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