RPG EdTech Platform driven by Social Values, Art and Culture.
TediBerry is using Game to Inspire people about Art and Knowledge.

Everyone is building their Metaverses.
TediBerry also builds its own, but...
...a Little Metaverse
A place of beautiful Experiences and Values

Project in Early Stage of Development

TediBerry Characters

A crazy alien who created the Little Metaverse
A nerd, who loves science and always tries to organize crazy friends of TediBerry
The Beast
Dangerous-looking monster that loves Fine Arts

TediBerry came to Earth from Space. He met Anna, who is a technological nerd and they become friends.

TediBerry explains what his Little Metaverse is about. Anna is fascinated by this vision and can’t wait to join the virtual world

TediBerry tries to connect to the Metaverse, but suddenly the Beast appears. That’s how their story begins.

We are creating one of the biggest adventure games ever

We are inspired by amazing stories and adventures created by Disney, Dreamworks Animation Studio, Warner Bros., Ghibli and Pierrot

On this fundamentals we create our unique world

We believe this project will create a positive social impact through Art and Knowledge that we combine with amazing adventures

Be patient