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The Artistic Hub

The Artistic Hub is an independent ecosystem connected narratively with adventures in Grand Arcanadia. Fantasy City becomes a new platform for the Distribution of artistic works and scientific content. Gamification of cultural media is present through characters, locations and the experience of adventure, thanks to which users will get to know new artists in a unique and never before possible way. We are introducing a new term "Creativity Economy", which refers to a method of supporting artists and scientists through our community.

The Artistic Hub

The Creativity Economy is a method of supporting artists and scientists through our community.


The City Council

The City Council of Fantasy City will consist of entities and personas that are distinguished and renowned in the real world. This is to give credibility to the artistic and scientific events in our game. We want Grand Arcanadia to be a place where players can find unique art and great artists, but also be assisted and guided by people of Art, Science and Culture.


There will also be an Accelerator in the city to assist in the development of upstart artists and scientists. Each season, a selected group of young talents will be invited to our Accelerator to develop their skills and form connections.

Virtual Stores

Artists will be able to present their content through Virtual Stores in Fantasy City. By gamifying cultural media and combining them with live performances, we will create unforgettable and unique artistic events.

Be part of amazing

We invite Artists, Educational Institutions, Investors and Business Partners in the field of Art, Culture and Technology to cooperate with us.

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