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Grand Arcanadia

Grand Arcanadia is an anime-style RPG in which players and their unique, customizable teams become the defenders of Fantasy City.

The Game's narrative permeates all layers of the TediBerry Little Metaverse design, creating full consistency with C.A.K.E.'s values. Players, Artists and Business Partners are all transferred into the narrative via their avatars. Everything is part of a larger saga already comprised of the shifting world, ever-changing and lourishing inhabitants of Fantasy City as well as the mysterious TediBerry race. For it were those industrious creatures that created Grand Arcanadia, as Noah's Ark, then gathered the most prised values of the Universe - Art, Knowledge and Culture.

Grand Arcanadia

Grand Arcanadia is a complex philosophical-fantasy world, full of beautiful and unusual adventures.



When creating a character, the player creates both an avatar and a soul. The soul's choice is based on one of the five Muses. The Muses are based on classical philosophy: the 5 Platonic solids. The choice of Muse affects the type of gameplay and ethical choices in the game.


The player will be able to choose which Clan he wants to belong to. Each Clan will embody the features of classical education, and the Epochs (new game seasons) will refer to, for example, Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Baroque, etc. The player's reputation in the Clan will allow him to access secret knowledge about the ancient history of Grand Arcanadia.


By gaining knowledge, the player develops his combat skills. To have access to other Muses, he must assemble a team that will consist of unique and amazing heroes with impactful abilities.

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